Did you know that if you do not treat your stress levels they can turn into a chronic problem? This him happens to many persons and it is more dangerous than you believe. The age does not import that you have not even the employment at which you are present every day. It pays a lot of attention to the signs that offers you the body. In this article you will find skills to fight the chronic stress.

Techniques to combat chronic stress silent enemy  laugh dangerous problem  therapy exercise

1-The chronic stress, a very silent enemy:

All persons may have stress and there are factors that can make this becoming a chronic one. This is not a bad that only affects employers and multinational executives or those who have a job very routine in the middle of the city more chaotic world. The housewives, students, independent or autonomous and traders, to name just a few, they may also suffer from the "disease of the twenty-first century".
As part of the modern society, there are times when it did not take it as seriously as we should. You can have a negative influence over on our performance and our health. Stress is necessary (when it is at normal levels), but the problem arises when there is an excess.

It is said that stress is a silent enemy because it does not attack directly or in a single area.
As well as your muscles and organs they need a break, your mind also needs a respite. Not enough to sleep a little, but that there is a need for more intensive technical eliminate exhaustion (the plus sign known stress).
If you lack definition, concentration, memory or performance, you can be suffering from chronic stress. Some of the most common situations that trigger this problem are:
Chaotic environments. Unexpected waiting. Constant interruptions. Many tasks. Tense relations. Insecurity. Economic problems. You fight in the couple.
Techniques to combat chronic stress silent enemy  laugh dangerous problem  therapy exercise

2-How can you reverse the chronic stress?

The skills to reduce the chronic stress are similar to those of the common stress, only that perhaps the urgency of obtaining effects is different. We can only rest the mind as it corresponds if “we lower several revolutions”, as is said popularly.
However, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive therapy with all techniques, or the majority of them, so that the effect is faster and more efficient. At present, there is no medicine that could serve us to reduce chronic stress, either natural or chemical.
3-Ways to eliminate the chronic stress:
1 exercise.
If, as you are reading. Many people believe that to eliminate the stress they have to sleep a week followed by and this is not the case. In fact, one of the best ways available to us to take away the excess stress is by exercising. Yes, we know that you won't have many eager to get to ride a bike, join a gym or jogging in the park, but it is right and necessary.
With the exercise you will get tired more, but also you will liberate endorphin, the called “hormone of the happiness”. Also, since you are going to be ground by the physical activity, in the nights you will sleep placidly, leaving aside the insomnia. It does not import what discipline you choose, can be a moderate or one of high performance. You will see that, on having come back home after a class or meeting of exercise, you will feel more renewed.
Techniques to combat chronic stress silent enemy  laugh dangerous problem  therapy exercise

2-To laugh:

Again we have to name to the hormone of those who are satisfied. On having laughed with laughter (it does not cost only an engagement smile), you will be sorry about yourself better and you will be able to enjoy many benefits like a better cardiac rhythm, major blood irrigation, pulmonary function, etc.
Your skin will begin to look more bright, renew energy and you will feel like new. Test look a fun movie, hear jokes or play to the tickles with your children. The stress began to subside as if by magic.
3. To eat in a healthy way.
Food has a lot to do with how we feel we are told that we are what we eat). The foods with white flour, artificial sweeteners, the fast food, soft drinks, sweets and fried foods do not help to nothing to improve the situation. We should avoid all of this "food" that we have appointed and, if possible, delete it from your daily diet.
You choose the fruit in place of the very sugary desserts and vegetables before that hamburgers or pizza. You prefer the water before the refreshments, the infusions of herbs to the coffee and the whole grains better than the refined. In turn, it is a proven fact that consume seeds of quinoa, wheat and millet helps us to maintain stable blood sugar levels, also something that can unbalance the stress.
The refined foods, processed and prepared can cause problems such as: inflammation. Overweight. Cholesterol. Heart problems. Acne. High blood pressure. Fluid retention.

4-To disconnect:

We cannot be "plugged in" 24 hours a day, nor over stimulated with all the devices which surround us. You do not need go to a deserted island for a year to go offline.
For example, you can keep your mobile phone in another room while you are eating or sleeping, not watching television before going to sleep, avoid the use of video games or the computer a while before going to bed, do not use the Internet when we are on holiday and leave the labor problems in the office.
Take the time you need to do what you like, such as reading, doing sport, play with your children, going to the cinema or the beauty salon.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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