We arrived tired at home and eat the first thing that we find in the fridge. A quick heat in the microwave and had dinner. Do you see yourself identified? Nothing happens if you do it once, but the important thing is that this type of eating behaviors do not become a habit.
Dinner is a very important part of the day. If you're following a diet for weight loss it is vital that don't skip this time. It is a way to keep the metabolism active and taking care of our health. However, it is also essential to know that you include in your dishes. There are foods that are not in this digestive last meal of the day, or you can prevent you to be able to reconcile a good dream. Do you want to discover all the information with us?

6 Food that is better not to take in the evening Rich protein foods Carbohydrates Vegetables Pizza Macaroni Salads

1. Red meat:

Normally, we spent all day outside the home and arrive hungry. Wanting to prepare a good dish to be satiated and empty and feed us adequately. It is usual that Cook, for example, some meat with vegetables. A steak with a little garlic and oil, for example. A dish rich in iron and protein.
Is it right? No, not at all. Keep in mind these reasons:
Red meats are rich in proteins, no doubt, but it is hard to digest and at night will cause that your stomach is active for a long time. You may have difficulty sleeping, it is possible that you suffer swelling, gas, and even more serious discomfort.
If you want to cook some meat, choose a turkey breast. If the kitchens to the iron, with a little lemon, digeriras much better. It is a healthier meat and less fat.

2. The pizzas:

We know, we love the pizzas. They are easy to make and are a quick resource for this last meal of the day. You should know that the pizzas are made with refined flour, fat-rich mass that will make that go up in weight and that it costs us much digesting them.
It should also be remembered that the milk is rich in animal protein and calcium, two elements that are not very digestive for the last few hours of the day.
It is possible that the warm milk has always gone well from you to sleep, but you know that you have a little more healthy alternatives. Almond drink, for example, is more digestive and is also very effective for sleep. Try it on occasion.

6 Food that is better not to take in the evening Rich protein foods Carbohydrates Vegetables Pizza Macaroni Salads

4. The salad with lettuce:

What could be healthier than a salad? Beware, you can at night, this option is not very adequate. Keep in mind the following reasons:
The lettuce is tasty and Super to merge it in our salads, but has a high content of insoluble fiber and makes us suffer gas and bloating at night.
Everything will depend on your own body. There are people who can eat them without having any problem in the evenings, so you should be you who appreciate this option. However, and usually cause discomfort. A healthy option is to prepare salads countryside with tomatoes.
Another vegetable that you must be careful at night is the celery. It also has lots of fiber and, as you know, at night is not very suitable to consume high amounts of this element.

5. The garlic and the onion:

It's best to consume them in moderation during our dinner. If you include raw garlic or onions in your dishes, you run the risk that your stomach is inflamed in these last hours of the day and suffer indigestion.
The same is true with the very spicy dishes. They are very tasty but, if we include them in our dinners, will be like "a sword of Damocles". It is possible that you feel good today, but tomorrow you can suffer the consequences.

6 Food that is better not to take in the evening Rich protein foods Carbohydrates Vegetables Pizza Macaroni Salads

6. Rice and pasta:

A few macaroni for dinner? A good warm rice? Sometimes we get very hungry home and we dream of a prepared plate to enjoy, but it is not the most appropriate.
It will always be more advisable to consume complex carbohydrates from vegetables and vegetables before the rice or pasta.
If the latter you like much, the ideal is to eat your dinner in small quantities. In this way we control a bit more carbohydrates, at the end of the day, calories that are not going to be able to burn in the evenings. So, if you are a fanatic of the macaroni, rice or lasagna better in the morning! Then, with a bit of exercise or a good walk, we burn that small excess.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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