Everyone likes fair or White color of skin and women dreams for it. Here i am going to share some easy and useful tips. 

1-Almond powder:

Put almond powder in a small bowl than mix it with oxides of hydrogen to make a mixture.
now take a light cotton fabric piece to make a face mask, make holes for eyes and nose ..
now spread the mixture on it and put this on your face. take warm water with a sponge piece 
squeeze sponge and put it around the mask again and again till 40 minutes. than clean your mast with warm water. Dry your face with soft towel and apply any face cream and massage gently and wash your face with cold water...now you can feel the clear effects

Best tips for fair complexion Lemon and olive oil Almond powder

2-Almond oil :

Almond old mask is best for dry skin,take a thick piece of fabric and make holes for eyes and nose for face mask. For better results do this at night 
now spread warm almond oil on mask and put it on face.remove the mask after 30 minutes and clean your face with any soft fabric or towel.
wash your face with warm water and face wash in the morning.

3-Potato mask :

peel a potato and crush it well... make a fabric mask for face and spread crushed potato on it
put it on face and keep whole night... in morning clean your face with the piece of cotton and wash it.

Best tips for fair complexion Potato homemade face mask

4-Lemon and olive oil :

if your sill is getting dull lemon and olive oil is best for it.
take a cotton piece wet it with warm water and clean the face with it.now take one lemon juice and 1 spoon of olive oil mix it well and spread on face.
keep it till 20 minutes than take ice cube put it in a cotton piece and massage face with it.

Best tips for fair complexion beauty tips for fair skin

5-Gram flour and lemon :

Make a paste of one table spoon gram flour, half lemon juice and a pinch of Turmeric powder.
apply on face,wash after 10 to 15 minutes with cold water. skin becomes soft and fresh by this tip.

6-Steam :

take a 30 minutes massage on the face and clean with tissue. than take 5 to 10 minutes steam,
clean the face with soft towel.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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