It is sure that, in more than one occasion, you have looked at the mirror and have seen that your belly is more prominent than the normal thing. There are these days in which you suffer constipation and feel puffed up. You weigh yourself in the scales and realize that, also, you have increased a few grams. How can it be? Can the constipation favor the increase of weight? Let's speak today on this topic.

We are sure that it is going to solve many of your doubts and that we will be able to help you to solve this so frequent problem.

Can constipation lead to weight gain physical exercise How to avoid constipation increase of weight

1-Can constipation lead to weight gain:

The answer is no, but let's look in detail every aspect to understand it much better. We will start setting an example. Now a week that you can't go to the bathroom on a regular basis, you have constipation problems and notes how clothing will come much more fair on the part of the belly. In addition, your scale tells you that weights a little more.
Would it be then?
That weight gain is not fat, but those items stored in our intestines which we should have expelled in the form of Lee. They are scraps of food that we are inflaming. Toxins favoring liquid retention. The increase in weight by the constipation is "perceived by us", but not real. In the moment in which we regulate the intestinal transit, those grams in the scale will disappear. It is true that you will see your belly more bulky, but it is not FAT or muscle, but a swelling caused by retention of feces. Constipation does not promote weight gain as we understand it, so we will not see altered our figure or have the obligation to buy new clothes. Well, we must understand that constipation is not healthy and that "that small weight" due to the presence of accumulated feces can cause us serious problems. You can go to the bathroom on a regular basis, the keep clean our bowels is also important to take care of our general health. This allows us to better purify the body, get rid of toxins and harmful elements that favor, for example, fluid retention. To follow a diet, it is therefore important that you include that dose of fiber, liquids, fruits and vegetables that will help you not only lose weight, but also to avoid constipation. To "evacuate" normally is part of our health, how to take care of our weight. In case of acute constipation, you can give the situation to see that, in a short time, we increase between 2 and 3 pounds. There is a weight gain, no doubt, but once again we have to explain that it is not a real increase. As soon as we regulate this problem, that excess weight will disappear. Experts tell us that the direct proof that we're getting fatter is the body mass index. It serves the volume of your waist, your arms... Sometimes, what tends to happen is that during a few days or a few weeks we eat poorly. Too many sugars, little water and little fiber. As a result, our body reacts to producing liquids to remove that excess and for that reason we are more full. However, it is not real fat. These are processes that last only a few days if you put remedy with better nutrition and drinking more fluids.

2-How to avoid constipation effectively:

We have to note, firstly, that we are precisely the women who most often suffer from constipation and retention of fluids. There are days in which we are fatal before the mirror, we are heavy and swollen… But, by following a few appropriate guidelines, you can rest assured that this can fail to occur. You should only change of habits,awareness that treatment is necessary a little bit more. You think that, sometimes, the stress or the daily duties make you go in a hurry, and that "when you come the desire", you prefer bite it for another time. If we do this in the continuous mode, our health will suffer. Take note of what you have to do:

Can constipation lead to weight gain physical exercise How to avoid constipation increase of weight

1. The importance of breakfast:

Breakfast is the key to combat constipation and, moreover, there is a formula that never fails, and you must keep in mind. It includes a piece of fruit, some oats and a hot drink. What if we prepare a bowl of oatmeal with a few small pieces of kiwi and a grape? Then, can be ideal, for example, a warm infusion of nettles, which you drink slowly with a little honey.

2. The liquefied aloe Vera with orange:

Combine aloe Vera with a orange is a great remedy to combat constipation. Notes on how to do it, 30 grams of aloe vera (the translucent gel inside the plant). 150 ml of warm water. An orange. Preparation heats up the water in a kettle, and, when it is boiling, add the aloe vera. Leave it to dissolve. Meanwhile, get the orange juice. Finally, you have no more that mix the infusion of warm aloe vera with the orange juice and drink it always fasting. Delicious!

3. moderate physical exercise:

It is very healthy walking half an hour a day, go swimming... Keep us active to get so our intestines get that movement necessary to facilitate proper expulsion of feces. And remember, you not only fight constipation, but they take care of your health.

4. Dinner soon and lightweight:

It is important that we do not stand against over scheduling your stomach with an excess of food in the evening. The heavy digestions to last hour of the day make our intestines slow down, we may collect debris that will cost us much delete in the morning. Ideally are light dinner two hours before going to sleep.

Can constipation lead to weight gain physical exercise How to avoid constipation increase of weight

5 Fiber, vegetables and liquids:

This is the formula of always. A diet rich in fresh vegetables (if they are raw, better), fiber and lots of fluids can help regulate your bowel transit. Also try the rich smoothies made with beets (beet) and carrots. They are delicious and effective!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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