We love beer in summer and good beer! Now, occasionally, eat it with a little bit of conscience: if I drink this glass i get fat? Is it bad for my diet? These are some of the most common questions when it comes to deal with the question of whether or not to include the beer in our meals.

Today, in our space, we want to discover you detailed information in this regard, for your peace of mind. Meanwhile, you anticipate a fact: beer is not fattening, provided we consume it in moderation.

Do beer fattening? What is the most appropriate way of consuming it? beer or red wine calories fat

1-If I follow a diet, can I drink beer?

Beer is the drink that we share in many of our meetings with family and friends. Generally, it is not usual that we consume it on a daily basis, but we prefer to take it at times a little more festive and distended.
This drink ancient and attractive amber tones is produced from barley and other cereals. It has, as you know, a certain level of alcohol, by which we always consume beer in moderation. Well, what if I take the weekend? I let me this fad and not gain weight? We will explain you:
Beer has, in general, low saturated fat and low in calories. The exact amount is 43 calories per 100 ml. So, if you drink a 250 ml beaker, you'll get about 90 calories
What does it mean? That we can consume it in moderation. Please note that, on occasions, many soft drinks, Cola or gas that have more calories we consume.
Nutritionists tell us that the right thing is to consume beer in a prudent way. If you are one of those that has a real passion for this drink and you like to take it every day, tries to drink a little less than a, i.e., approximately 200 ml. You know that for every glass you will get about 90 calories, so you can always remove them with a little exercise or a walk. By its caloric level and alcohol that contains, it is best not overdo it, while we can include it in our festive moments.
Noted, moreover, that healthy beer will be the one whose manufacture is more natural and traditional. If you wonder what kind of beer is also healthier, can talk to you about, as a curiosity, which is the stout: is made based on malt and hops, and is more rich in iron.

2.What are the benefits it gives me the beer?

1. the beer protects us against kidney stones
We must not forget one of the great benefits of beer: it's very diuretic! Moderate consumption will protect us in 40% of suffering kidney problems and suffering calculations.
2. The beer improves digestion
Do you know what kind of beer can help us make better digestion? Black beer. In addition to more iron, it has more fiber and, therefore, improves our intestinal transit, avoiding gastric and intestinal problems. Isn't it super?

Do beer fattening? What is the most appropriate way of consuming it? beer or red wine calories fat

3.The beer fight bad cholesterol:

As you may know, the beers are rich in fibers, which allow us to maintain a good level of LDL or so-called bad cholesterol.

4.The beer is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12):

Those who drink beer in regular and balanced way obtained almost 30% more B-complex vitamins than those who do not consume it. These vitamins give us more energy, strengthen our bones and muscles and also help us to better metabolize the red blood cells.

5.The beer improves the health of our bones:

So, consume beer helps us to maintain a good level in Silicon, which helps turn health and bone mineral density.

6.The beer lets us sleep better:

Do you know where is this secret? At its proper level of Nicotinic Acid and Flavin mononucleotide, to promote sleep.

7.The beer prevents the formation of blood clots:

Beer promotes proper circulation of the blood, thus allowing us to avoid the formation of clots.
8. The beer strengthens our immune system
This drink is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, to strengthen our defenses. If we drink it moderately, about two or three glasses a week, for example, we will avoid many colds, muscle aches or joint and also improve our cardiac health. It is Super!

Do beer fattening? What is the most appropriate way of consuming it? beer or red wine calories fat

3-What is more beneficial: beer or red wine?

Nutritionists tell us that both beverages are suitable, provided that we consume them in moderation. That is, never more than one glass a day. You indicate the differences of each so that you make your own choice:
Wine: drink a glass of red wine a day will bring us greater cardiovascular benefits than beer. In addition, it has many more antioxidants, such as polyphenols. It also has higher levels of potassium and magnesium.
Beer: has more vitamins of the B group, more nutrients and soluble fiber than wine. We must also take into account that it has less alcohol.
Thus, the choice will depend on your own taste. Throughout the week we can combine them, according to the dishes and our personal events, but remember always with moderation!
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