The inflammation and the fat in the belly are related. According to a recently published report in the Mayo Clinic, it is common that, over the years, there will come a time when our metabolism can become slow.This means that already we do not burn calories in the same way as before, and this we must add hormonal changes that favor the classical inflammation.

Can we avoid it? Certainly. When we see that our metabolism is changing and that we tend to accumulate this annoying fat in the belly, it will be a moment to change habits and to include this essential food in our diet. Do you cheer up to put it into practice?

Foods that fight inflammation and the fat in the belly get a flat belly healthy fats effective fruits spices

The inflammation and the fat in the belly: is it possible combat it?

Doctors and nutritionists they always agree on several things that you should keep in mind:
Our body and our metabolism are changing with time. It is not uncommon, for example, as a food before we sat well, all of a sudden, you start to give us problems. This shows us that it is very important that we should be attentive to that we feel well and that Not. Notes your same which foods tend to inflamarte, to frighten yourself silly, for example, fluid retention. Because no body is equal or the same techniques are used to all the people.
There are foods that will promote the inflammation and the fat in the belly, those that we should restrict from today: salt, sugar and lactose. You do not have to mention that it is essential also that we take a control of the fats that we consume every day, and that we must always decide in favor of fresh food rather than of the frozen or industrial meal.
We must also be aware that the hormonal changes tend to turn to inflamarnos and to promote fluid retention. It is therefore essential to overdo your body and avoid habits such as smoking, A sedentary lifestyle or even those situations that cause you anxiety and stress. Manage your emotions, do some sports and improve your eating habits are keys to a better quality of life and verte better physically. It is not that difficult and it is well worth it!

Food to combat the inflammation and the abdominal fat:

1-The most effective spices:

They are wonderful. The spices are this simple and economic resource to be included in our plates to avoid the inflammation and to fight against this fat that accumulates in our belly. In addition to serving like accompanist in our stews, rices or salads, also they are very effective if we include them in many infusions. He takes note of which are:
The turmeric. The cinnamon. The pepper cayenne pepper. The ginger.
A very practical idea is to start the mornings with a medicinal infusion by means of green tea, pepper cayenne pepper and ginger. It will help us to start our metabolism and to burn fats, without not also forgetting that is an antirust drink rich in vitamins. If you accompany it with a little of honey, it will be much more agreeable.

Foods that fight inflammation and the fat in the belly get a flat belly healthy fats effective fruits spices

2-The best fruits:

There exists a series of fruits that can help us very efficiently to treat the inflammation, to purify the organism and, in turn, to avoid to store these kilos of more in the abdomen. Since you know already, the fruits give us always multiple possibilities. We can consume them in its natural form, by means of a rich juice or even combine them in salads. There are the following ones:
The papaya. The green apple. The pineapple. The strawberries. The lemon. The grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
Have you ever proved a salad by means of spinach, pineapple and nuts? It is fabulous for a lunch! Neither forget that, at about 5 PM, it is ideal, for example, to do a rich fruit drink to us by means of strawberries and lemon juice. It is perfect for desintoxicar, to regulate the glucose in blood and to burn fats. Cheer up to try it on.

3-The vegetables that most can help you:

There are numerous vegetables that help us to fight the inflammation. The nutricionistas always recommend to us to consume hangovers because, this way, we obtain a type of enzymes that improve our digestions and help us to activate the metabolism. Obviously we cannot consume in raw form all the vegetables, but another option in cooking them to the steam. We indicate you which are:
The broccoli. The carrot. The eggplants. The artichokes. The spinach. The onions. The studs. The leek. The beet or agriculture contributes. The pumpkin.

4-The importance of the "healthy fats":

There are healthy fats that are essential for our body and our health. Take care of our heart, regulating the bad cholesterol and fight inflammation. Thus, never be afraid to include with balance the following foods into your diet:
The avocado. The seeds of linen (linseed). The salmon. The olive oil. The nuts and the almonds.

Foods that fight inflammation and the fat in the belly get a flat belly healthy fats effective fruits spices

5-The best infusion to get a flat belly:

Do You Know which is the best infusion that we can consume each day to prevent the inflammation and the fat of the belly? Sage syrup with a little lemon juice. You can find in any herbal sage, And to take advantage of this infusion just add 20 grams of this plant to a cup of boiling water. At the time of taking it, dropping a few drops of lemon juice and a little honey. It is delicious!
You must take it half an hour before your lunch. Are you ready?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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