Have you ever noticed the way in which to wear out your slippers? This can be a track directly to the health of your foot and your heel. The experts tell us that usually wear the external zone of the heels of our shoes is the most correct.

Now, if you feel that you have begun to spend more the area inside this part of your shoes, you can tell you some kind of pathology that you should keep in mind.
Today, let's talk about those habits that damage the health of your heels. Disadvantages which, in the long term, may bring more serious complications, such as the case of sprains or painful heel. Don't miss this information, the health of your feet is always important!

Habits that harm your heel No more false steps and with pain How to care for heel foot how wear shoes pronation Supinador

1-And you, how wear your shoes?

Imagine a time in the top picture. In the top left we can see a foot in a healthy position, resting your heel in an optimal way in the ground. Now, if you pay attention to the part right, you'll see a heel slightly tilted that causes the shoe is worn right on the inner part. Shows that there is a problem in our way of walking, a kind of depressing that, in the long term, it can pose a problem.
Normally when walking or running people we tend to differentiate ourselves in three modes depending on our way to support the foot:
Supinador. In this case, the person tends to support the foot in the outside area, and that part is the impact that gets to touch the ground.
Pronator. Pronator runs its tread in reverse order, i.e. they tend to tread with the inner part of the foot, which concentrates all the weight of the body.
Neutral or normal. Here, the person stops all its weight in the Center and form flat, without leaning to one side or another.
Sure now you ask: and what of these footsteps is the healthiest? Actually all of them are correct, the problem comes when there is a "over pronation", i.e., when we see that our shoes show wear very exaggerated in the inner part of the foot. Is when you notice that you get tired more than usual when walking, that they hurt you ankles, and to rest the foot on the floor, notes something like a needle sticking in your heel.
We must pay attention to these symptoms and that wear in our shoes and slippers. At the moment in which you perceive that the wear is very exaggerated in the internal part, speaks with a specialist.

Habits that harm your heel No more false steps and with pain How to care for heel foot how wear shoes pronation Supinador

2-How to care for your heel to avoid an excessive pronation

First, we must know what causes that, suddenly, we see that our shoes are starting to show that excessive pronation. At that time we will begin to feel already the first inconvenience in pain in any of the heels and feet:
Usually, the heel problems are commoner in women than in men. It is associated with the bones and the joints wear. Why is, for example, from 45 to 50 years when we started to feel any discomfort.
Keep in mind also that the heel is one of the largest foot bones, and that it is he who must sustain the entire weight of our body. What does it mean? That obese people, for example, will have more risk for this type of problem.
Also beware of back problems. A deviation, an injury or any type of medical condition will cause our shaft postural changes, whereupon, gait also will change, and with it, the way in which we support the heel on the floor. Let's keep it in mind!
Habits that take care of the health of your feet and heels
The most important will be to always take care of our weight. You try to keep yourself in shape, avoiding those extra pounds to pose a burden added to our feet. Keep in mind, moreover, that the joints of the feet are very complex. We have many bones very sensitive structure to our movements and our weight. It is worth remembering it.
Watch out for the footwear that you use. We know that the use of high heels is never healthy for our feet and back, but we are not going to always choose a flat shoe. It is not suitable. Ideally, have a heel of between 2 and 4 centimeters. It is also important to have a good reinforcement in the area of the heel, rubber, not skin, flexible soled since they have received much better impact to reach the ground. Never hesitate to invest more money in a good shoe.
The exercise is always recommended, but watch that is not too intense, because that could also cause problems in the feet. Swimming, for example, it is very healthy for our bones, muscles and joints.
Improves your diet by increasing your dose of magnesium, silicon and zinc, ideal to strengthen bones and muscles.
Which foods are rich in these minerals?
The spinach.
The oats.
The walnuts.
The almonds.
The beet.
The parsley.The pumpkin.
Sesame flour.
The Bluefish.
Do not forget and include them in your dishes!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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