Stress tends to be one of the worst enemies for our health. One of their more known effects is, without doubt, the hair loss or alopecia nervosa. The emotional factors generate changes in our body and also in our scalp, favoring that dreaded loss increasingly common among us.

It should be noted, for our peace of mind, that these problems are usually temporary and that, through some appropriate guidelines, the hair may grow back normally. A good stress management and a few simple home remedies can help you a great help.

Today, in our space we want to tell you about the best essential oils to regenerate your hair in stressful

Hair loss stress and stress hair fall natural treatment damage hair remedy massage Essential oils

1-The hair loss and stress:

It is known that almost 70% of the female population has suffered this problem on occasion. It is very common to spend times where stress and anxiety alter our body causing hair to stop receiving adequate nutrition, which weakens the hair bulb and, as a result, the hair fall.
It is also important to take into account that your hair can suffer two types of stress:
Internal stress: caused by tiredness, worries, excessive working hours, lack of sleep, hormonal changes...
External stress: we must take into account the incidence of those element which, despite not receiving them, damaging the health of the hair. Do you know what it is? Pollution, the effects of the Sun, the effects of hair dyes, the heating, hairdryer... Elements that irritate and destroy the hair to get the hair bulb is suffocating with so many chemicals.

2-The best essential oils to care for your hair:

Masks made from vegetable oils are a wonderful choice and effective for treating hair loss by stressful situations. They are nutritious and it stimulates the growth and health of the scalp and follicle. To take advantage of them enough to implement them in the hair through a gentle massage.
If you are constant, you will notice how, little by little, the hair starts to grow again. Thus, do not hesitate to browse these essential oils in any store or natural beauty in specialized shops. Usually, they are not expensive and can have many applications. It is worth it.
We give details below:

Hair loss stress and stress hair fall natural treatment damage hair remedy massage Essential oils

1. Essential Oil of rose and olive oil:

You can find this essential oil in any natural store. It is also used much for the beauty of the skin, so you don't have problems in acquiring. What we are going to serve? The rose hip oil is a great restorer and regenerating the skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals, nourishes, heals, stimulates and brings vitality to your hair.
To benefit from their properties, we will take a glass bottle and put 20 ml of essential oil of Rose along with 60 ml of olive oil. Then, shake the bottle so that both oils should be unified.
First we wash our hair with warm water, almost cold, and then apply this mask of oils in the scalp by a massage. Let stand 5 minutes and then wash your hair normally.
Ideal if you do 3 times a week. A perfect treatment for hair loss.

2. Essential oil of rosemary and thyme:

The combination of essential oil of Rosemary and thyme is a very classical remedy and cash for the fall of the hair. You can find in natural stores, and even it is frequent that many people develop in house. Be that as it may, economic ideals are oils to nourish and regenerate the hair bulb.
Takes note of what we must do:
Wet your hair with cool water.
We put in a 30 ml bottle of essential oil of Rosemary and 30 ml of essential oil of thyme and mix well, and then extend it into the hair.
Get a deep massage, ensuring that the scalp is well impregnated. Leave to Act 5 minutes, and then wash your hair as normal.
You can also repeat this treatment three times per week.

Hair loss stress and stress hair fall natural treatment damage hair remedy massage Essential oils

3. Essential oil of coconut and essential oil of cedar

We love coconut essential oil. You have spoken repeatedly of its multiple benefits, so we are sure that you have this as useful natural remedy at home. It is ideal for the skin, to prevent and treat the acne and perfect also for treating hair loss.
If we combine it with essential Cedar oil, we will achieve a great remedy for these times in which stress affects the beauty of our hair. How can we benefit from these oils? We will explain you:
Once again, we apply these masks of essential oils with wet hair. It is important to first that let's us cold water into the hair, because if the water was hot, the oil would lose many of their properties.
Mix 30 ml of essential oil of coconut and 30 ml of essential oil of cedar in a jar. Removes well and apply them to your hair. Get a deep massage to be able to properly nourish the scalp with this treatment, and leave to act for 5 minutes. Passed this time, wash hair as usual and ends the process with your favorite conditioner.
You'll see how, day by day, your hair grows back. Choose oils that you like or that you are easier to find. It is simply to be consistent to be able to solve the dreaded hair loss stress. Do not forget to properly manage your emotions.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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