Smoothie with oatmeal and Green Apple. Have you tried it on occasion? There are many doctors and nutritionists who recommend this simple remedy to take care of our weight and health. Its benefits are many, and so today we want to talk to you about all of its incredible properties.

It will be not only suitable to regulate our weight, they combine the Oatmeal with Apple will be also the ideal breakfast for you and your family. Are you going to lose?

Remedy with oats and Green Apple: know what you can do for you  fight the cholesterol lose weight

1-All the benefits of the remedy with oats and Green Apple:

1. Metabolic regulator:

OAT is a super food, one of the greatest tributes to our health that we should take every day. If we combine it with Green Apple, we further promote its benefits. Do you know what is their best-known property? Act as an excellent metabolic regulator.
The combination of fiber of oats with the pectin present in the Green Apple, will make that our metabolism is put in place to help us refine and burn fat.
Given this metabolic property, nutritionists recommend taking the blending of oats and Green Apple in the morning. Thanks to him, we will be satiated and empty, get a perfect dose of fiber and will succeed in accelerating the metabolism.

2. Ideal to fight the cholesterol:

Do not hesitate, if your doctor has informed you that you have bad cholesterol or LDL in too high doses, includes the remedy of oats and Green Apple in your diet. As you may know, taking care of our food can, in many cases, help regulate cholesterol without having to resort to medication, so it is worthwhile to note the following information:
Oats is main property to absorb with their fiber our toxins and excess bad cholesterol in the blood.
In the case of Green Apple, the same thing happens. Thanks to its polyphenols and its pectin we can, for example, to remove LDL cholesterol, balancing in addition good cholesterol or HDL in the blood. Something vital to prevent heart problems.
This remedy will also help us to regulate our hypertension, due to their low level of sodium, and its proper level in potassium.

Remedy with oats and Green Apple: know what you can do for you  fight the cholesterol lose weight

3. Perfect remedy to lose weight:

In our space you have spoken on numerous occasions of the benefits of oats for weight loss. Today I want to recommend another way to further boost its properties: combine it with Green Apple. Takes note of how this simple and tasty Smoothie can help you:
Controls the level of sugar in our body. It is a liquid ideal for diabetics and that will help us in addition to operating our metabolism, as you have pointed out above.
It is a liquid filling, hence it is perfect to take your breakfast. You will avoid between hours and arrive in perfect condition until lunch.
This remedy based on oats and Green Apple going to help produce an enzyme called lecithin in our liver. This element does is allow us to purify the body, eliminating fat and at the same time, clean of our possible arteries of fatty deposits. It is fantastic!
Another benefit is improving our digestion. Due to its slow absorption carbohydrates, we will be able to not only be more satiated and empty, but, in addition, will facilitate the production of gastric acids, improve the absorption of the nutrients and fight constipation. Every day, our body is regulating, we avoid retention of liquids and we treat fat more effectively.

4. Vitamin Remedy:

The blending of oats and Apple is that "vitamin cocktail" ideal to start the morning. It is not only perfect for you, but it is also suitable for any member of the family, children and the elderly included. Would you like to know everything that gives us?
You'll get a very high level of vitamins of Group B as, for example, niacin, thiamine and Riboflavin. They are suitable to reconstruct tissues such as muscles, to transform the sugar into energy, start the metabolism and help us to synthesize proteins.
You must also take into account the many essential amino acids this Smoothie can provide, in addition to the multiple minerals such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium. Vital elements for the health of our body.

Remedy with oats and Green Apple: know what you can do for you  fight the cholesterol lose weight

2-How can I take my remedy with oats and Green Apple?

What do I need?
200 ml of water.
3 tablespoons of oatmeal (60 grams).
A Green Apple.
A few drops of lemon juice.
A little bit of cinnamon powder.
2 ice cubes.
So I prepare and when should I take it?
We take our breakfast this smoothie. The flavor is delicious and its benefits are so notable that you will not tire of taking it in these first hours of the day.
We will start leaving the night before those three tablespoons of oats to soak with something less than a glass of water. In this way, we will have it already ready for our breakfast. To do this, we will start cleaning well that Green Apple and cut it into 4 pieces. It is advisable to consume it with skin, since it is in the own shell where are many of their benefits.
When it comes to blending, add the Apple, oats that we have left in that glass of water and soak. It also adds a few drops of lemon juice and a little cinnamon powder. Get well homogeneously blended and, when it comes to serve it, includes two of ice cubes. You'll love!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.

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