The thin and fragile hair usually suffers more than another changes of station, the periods of stress, the emotional griefs, the contamination, the bad feeding, the bad habits, etc. That's why also it needs specific care to bring him gentleness, sheen and volume.

In this article we share some tips for to overdo your fine hair in a natural manner, taking into account aspects such as shampoo, face masks, brushing or the food that nourish from the inside.

The thin and fragile hair tips for to overdo nourish from the inside natural treatment remedy

1-Use a natural shampoo:

People who have the hair strong and abundant rarely notice the negative effects of the conventional shampoos, which does not mean that they are not harmful. However, those who have thin hair and they are easily broken must carefully choose any product to use in your hair, as if to notice these effects.
We recommend that you use organic shampoos, developed on the basis of natural products such as essential oils, glycerin, the coconut oil, soap wort, etc.
If we do not have dry hair, we can also wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar, which is perhaps the more natural method, economic and ecological.
Another option is the ghassoul, a Moroccan clay that is used for both the hair and the skin and that is excellent for all types of hair, as it respects the pH of the scalp and regulates fat naturally.
If we start to use natural shampoos, the first days we can notice the different hair, but little by little, the pH will be normalized and we can keep the hair clean for longer.
Ponte masks
If we have fine hair and brittle need to give an extra hydration. In addition to always use a conditioning product, at least once a week we should use a nourishing masque.
If we have the thin and fragile hair we need to give him a hydration extra one. Always in addition to using a product conditioner, at least once a week we should use a nourishing mask.
Yogurt. Avocado. Honey. Sesame Oil.Egg yolk.
If we prepare our own hair mask we must implement this before using the shampoo, then take away the remains of the mask of the head and not to be too fat.
Once a month we can also apply ourselves a mask of henna. We can even use henna for tender hair, as it is the dye more naturally and effectively that there is. There are also neutral hennas that simply strengthen the hair without giving color.

The thin and fragile hair tips for to overdo nourish from the inside natural treatment remedy

2-Brush every night:

It looks like a remedy of the grandmothers, who were recommending to its daughters and granddaughters to brush the hair every night to strengthen it and to give him sheen, but the true thing is that this advice does not hide a big mystery, but a logic: the brushing improves the blood irrigation and distributes the tallow that forms in the root along the whole hair, which brings him very much sheen.
We recommend that you do daily with a brush with natural bristles of wood of wild boar.

3-Not so maltreats:

In addition to avoiding the conventional shampoos you should also limit or dispense with the salon treatments that are too aggressive for the scalp, such as the dyes or the permanent hairstyles.
If you can afford to pay, once in a while, some more natural treatment, basis for such products as keratin, which help us to strengthen the hair and to give volume.

The thin and fragile hair tips for to overdo nourish from the inside natural treatment remedy

4-Nurture it from within:

In all natural treatment we must act on the outside and inside for comprehensive and effective. In this case, in addition to taking care of the hair, we should also contribute to our body the nutrients essential for your health.
We propose three fundamental food for a good capillary health:
Brewer's yeast: Excellent supplement for the skin, hair and nails. Helps us to strengthen the hair and to prevent it from falling.
Flax oil: rich in fatty acids, this oil adds shine and nutrition to our hair.
Organic Silicon: The organic silicon acts on the structure of our hair to give thickness and volume, while improving the strength of our skin.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.
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